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  1. 10x10 Blank Canopy Tent (Optional Walls)
    USD $495.00
  2. 10x15 Blank Canopy Tent (Optional Walls)
    USD $750.00
  3. 10x20 Blank Canopy Tent (Optional Walls)
    USD $950.00
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Stock Color Tent

Blank Canopy - An Outstanding Event Tents

If your event is outdoors, a blank canopy will serve the purpose and space perfectly. Imagine setting your high-quality blank canopy tent right under the shade maintaining the elegance to showcase your brand or product with comfort and style! Need a shade to keep yourself away from harsh sunlight and the harmful effects of UV rays? Look no further! Our stock colour tents are specially designed out of hardy fabric material that can offer a smart cover and protection.

Either you are attending an indoor event or outdoor, our blank canopy tent available in an inspiring variety of solid shades, will fit brilliantly giving the extraordinary touch to your business that would be enough to indulge the viewers. Perfect for sporting events, fairs, picnics, parties, eateries, trips, camping, and much more!

With these lank canopies, you can turn any ordinary event into your big success, even if it is raining outside. How? Our tents are made to withstand the stress of harsh climates. The solid color tents are equally fit for setting outdoors to display promotional messages as well as indoors for any marketing occasion. Apart from modish colors and styling, they are made with a collapsible setup that saves your time by letting you install and pack it up quickly.

Create a Designated Space at Events

Our full range of blank canopies is laden with the comfort of use, durability, and convenient accessories helping you adjust the tent to a designated space. This top-quality marketing tent is manufactured by using 600D polyester fabric that certifies toughness and can last even extensive use.

Quality is our moral! We believe in offering only a high-quality product and quick delivery. That is why Branded Canopy Tents has a faster and mess-less ordering experience. As appreciated users, we welcome you all to order your custom canopy at incredibly cheaper rates!

Stock Color Tent Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What color canopy is best?

Ans: The recommendation is to use silver and black or white for the outdoor canopy as it blocks the UV rays effortlessly providing protection and comfort.

Q: What color attracts the human eye most?

Ans: As per the analysis, the green color is the best pick as it is perceived by our eyes by different wavelengths of light.

Q: What colors are bears attracted to?

Ans: Typically, the animals tend to ignore dark shades of any color and camouflage colors. On the contrary, they feel attracted to vibrant, lit, and bright colors, like yellow or red.