The 10×10 custom canopy is the most popular size for event canopies in the U.S., and with good reason: it is one of the most versatile and easy to use canopy tents available on the market.

Whether you’re planning a larger event at home or intending to participate in a trade show, the 10x10 is the ideal size for any kind of event. Additionally, this highly resistant and attractive promotional tent is sure to capture visitors’ attention, thus boosting your brand’s visibility.

But wait, you’ll ask, isn’t a bigger tent a much better choice if you want to get eyeballs on your display? And you may be right if the size was the only aspect of relevance when participating in an event. But a 10x10 canopy tent offers so much more in terms of convenience, ease of use, customization and cost-effectiveness.

Let’s take a look below at seven critical features that make a 10×10 printed canopy the right choice for your next event:

  1. Accommodates a sufficient number of visitors at a time.

    Whether you’re setting up a display booth at a trade show or exhibition, or planning a webinar or a product launch with snacks and drinks, you can comfortably accommodate participants in a 10×10 custom tent. Covering an area of about 100 sq.ft., a 10×10 custom canopy tent is the ideal space for a stand-up cocktail arrangement for up to 20 people at a time. Other great arrangements include 8’ rectangular tables with 10-12 chairs each and 60” round tables with 10-12 chairs each. In these convenient setups, your team can comfortably communicate with all clients or visitors without feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Fits standard exhibition spaces at most events.

    Imagine going into the venue of your next event armed with the biggest canopy possible to house all those awesome products and promotional materials you’ve been fine-tuning for months, only to discover that the space allocated to you only fits a 10x10 tent.

    Seems unlikely? Not really, as most venues only offer enough space for a 10×10 promotional tent and a couple of banners/flags.

    So if you carry a larger tent, you will most likely have to lease additional space that may not even be available right next to your area. And you will likely have to buy a 10×10, in addition to the canopy tent you already have. For the sake of efficiency and cost, a 10×10 tent makes perfect sense.

  3. Teems with options.

    Because of the popularity of 10×10 event tents, they come with multiple features and options that make them easy to use and install. These canopy tents come with a 40mm or 50mm aluminum frame for enhanced durability and sturdiness. The 600D fabric is waterproof, fire retardant and UV resistant, making the canopy an ideal choice for any type of weather. Additionally, the graphics come in unlimited colors and are printed with high-quality dye-sublimation.

  4. Can be printed quickly.

    With a smaller area to cover than their larger counterparts, 10x10 printed canopies are a time-effective option for most events since they can be designed and printed rather quickly.

    Our expert designers can print everything that you want on your 10×10 custom canopy fabric without cluttering, compromising the quality of the artwork or making the font size shorter. Smaller does not mean poorer quality.

  5. Is easy to transport, carry and store.

    If you’ve ever thought canopy tents are burdensome and difficult to carry around, well, think again! Weighing anywhere between 42 and 67lbs, Branded Canopy Tents 10×10 canopies are ergonomically designed and super easy to carry from headquarters to the event location and back!

    They can be transported to an event venue in the back of your truck and set up in no time. And after the event, the tents can be easily dismantled and then safely stored inside their carry bags without any hassle.

  6. Can be set up without a large crew.

    With a 10×10 printed canopy, you won’t need a 10-person crew or a crane for setup, as you would with large wedding tents, dome tents or special products like inflatable tents. All you’ll need for set up are two enthusiastic crew members.

  7. Is ideal for both commercial and personal events.

    A 10×10 canopy tent is both large and small enough to be used successfully for commercial and non-commercial events. This type of tent can make your company look great at an upcoming marketing event or trade show, where, with the right design and color scheme, it can attract a lot of visitors and get them interested in your product offering. You can also set it on the pavement outside your store to serve as a quick sanitization dock for incoming goods. Or you can set up a 10x10 canopy for extra comfort at your next backyard barbeque party or your children’s birthday celebrations. Regardless of where you set it up, a 10×10 canopy is inviting and compact, which makes it your go-to tent for all occasions.

All of those factors add up to establish peace of mind for you and your crew! But perhaps the best part: A 10×10 printed canopy is incredibly affordable to own.

If you have more questions about why a 10×10 custom canopy tent from Branded Canopy Tents is the right choice for your upcoming events, leave a comment below or call us at 888-414-7340!