Get your Custom Canopy Tents for the Outdoor Event to avail the benefits

You need to attend from corporate events to trade shows, from business meetings to festivals for brand promotion. For better exposure to the events, you need to plan your exhibit booth considering every aspect including the size, space, and protection from the natural elements during outdoor events. Choosing a top-quality custom canopy tent is definitely an appreciated tool to organize your outdoor displays effortlessly. After using it once, you will always prefer it over other choices. You will always be keeping it on your necessary essentials list required for installing an appealing outdoor marketing display.

The top 5 benefits of using a pop-up tent for outdoor events are highlighted below.

  1. Easy to transport, store and install

    Organizing a booth for a show is a stressful task as your mind will be occupied with a lot of things. The vans loaded with marketing accessories, team members working nervously to set up a booth in time and here you are busy taking a final look to make sure everything is at its place before opening.

    All custom pop up tents come in minimalist design being compact and offer convenience through portability. It is easy to transport as you can fit it inside any of the vehicles. For safe storage, you can place it in your hotel room. Its compact size makes it ideal to carry it from one event to another. It can be assembled in no time giving you enough time to set up other display accessories before the event starts.

  2. Make your booth visible

    You will find your competitors putting endless effort to make their booth stand out among the rest. Now, you must work something out to maximize your presence and to make your brand more visible at outdoor events. Tents available in neutral colors including white, gray, and black are the perfect choices as these colors blend amazingly urging the passersby to get a close look at your company’s available products.

    Having a custom tents with logo, color scheme, name and products leaves no room for ambiguity as it makes your company pretty identifiable. Looking at your amazing setup will definitely make the public curious to know about your company and services, especially if they are unaware of your business. To leave an unforgettable impression on your guests you need a visually appealing custom pop up canopy with clearly visible brand’s details

  3. On-Location Home Base

    Organizing an outdoor event is comparatively more tiresome as you and your members will be unfamiliar with the surroundings.

    Where your team members will be completing their assigned tasks and models interacting with the customers to increase the upcoming traffic, a perfectly designed custom canopy tent will provide you an official gathering place. Here you can discuss your strategies and keep the team closes. This feature is highly valuable when setting up a show at unfamiliar locations. Instead of using a map or following the directions, all you need is to ask the employees to search your proprietary tent. Knowing where your booth is placed increases productivity as the team will know where to go for load-in, load-out and to fulfill the event duties.

  4. Better accessibility

    Looking for an outdoor event for selling the products? What better option you can have other than a pop-up tent to set up your outdoor shop. Installing a tent will give you a store-like feeling. It is a good choice if your booth has tables that are organized to support the accessibility to the potential customers along with offering a better client exposure which is commonly seen in an L-shaped configuration. Within a tent space, you will have a better chance of managing the product lighting letting you emphasize the top-selling products.

    Setting a pop up tent with sides outdoor will add up to your space as you will have plenty of wall and ceiling spaces. You could use them to hang your displays or to post up the grid wall-mounted equipment. You can place your promotional displays and products anywhere. Opting for a custom printed canopy will add up to your marketing expenses for the outdoor events, but expanding your space vertically with tents instead of buying extra area to extend the booth will save you money and leave a significant impact.

  5. Keep your products protected and safe

    Extreme weather conditions can force you to pack and leave especially if you are having an outdoor marketing event. Although, science cannot help you stop the harsh climates but having a custom made tents will keep you prepared to handle any adverse situation. For a successful event, you may need a cool shade from the unrelenting sun, strong shelter from pounding rain or snow; otherwise, you can’t have a fruitful venture. Apart from giving the best shelter to the guests, the team also needs a cover as all-day long exposure to the outdoor elements will not let them work efficiently. The pop-up tent will offer them the relief they may be needing. Attendees always acknowledge covered booth spaces as they come in handy. Besides, you can take it as your opportunity to interact with customers and make them know about your brand.

    Setting up a canopy tent outdoors will keep your products safe from getting ruined due to inclement weather and who wants to visit a crumbling booth. Canceled shows can leave a significant negative impact on your company’s finances, as well. In case of having an unfortunate experience of the massive storm, the tent will buy you plenty of time to pack your essentials or get it covered for safety. The tall and strong side walls/panels will protect the booth from high winds.

    No doubt, everyone does hard work to plan out the promotional campaigns, especially if they are having an outdoor show. Choosing a canopy tent will only provide the above mentioned benefits but also offer higher ROI, regardless if the booth was for only brand awareness or for selling products.