The most appropriate size of custom canopy tents recommended for all sorts of professional and personal events is 10×10. These dimensions are considered an ideal option in the USA that goes well with all the tradeshows and promotional events.

Branded Canopy Tents is offering a custom canopy tent 10x10 with maximum durability. All you need is to ask and we will design your custom canopy with visually pleasing graphical artwork. Are you still doubtful or are you thinking about choosing a bigger-sized canopy to get more space?

You might be right about the fact that a bigger canopy will provide you extra space for better customer dealing. But apart from space, the management is also important which 10×10 provides. Having a canopy of this size comes with ease of use, quick installation, easy storage, and transportation. You will get the flexibility of personalizing the canopy space to complement your business goals and marketing ideas.

We are highlighting the top 10 reasons to let you know about the importance of choosing a 10×10 custom canopy.

  1. Enjoy a complete view in a single look

    The bigger the tent, the larger the area to be seen. This means, if you have an ideal-sized 10×10 canopy, it will require no extra effort to view everything displayed on the canopy in a single glance. Passing by a big-sized canopy will not be attractive enough as its massive area is difficult to be seen demanding a bit of the struggle to cover the entire ground.

    Space is a necessity but enlarged canopies will look strange and might not complement your tradeshow booths. 10×10 offers precision as you would find it’s inside space neither cramped nor extra.

  2. User-friendly and space-saving 10×10 custom canopies

    Do you know why it is considered user-friendly? Because it is just the right size to offer spacious inside as well as attractive layout.

    If you ever walked by an expensive-looking shop that is extended over a block, what will be your first thought? You will think that the place is out of budget and you should not go inside considering yourself not a good fit. Similarly, the booths having lavish layouts spreading over miles could be a major turn off for the upcoming traffic, assuming the offered services or products are too expensive.

    Stylize your custom canopy in 10×10 and represent your brand as it is tailored to meet the needs of all customers and companies either small scale or large scale.

  3. Perfectly fits inside standard booth spaces

    One of the most important reasons to pick a 10×10 custom canopy is its “fit for all” size. Regardless of the trade shows you will always be provided with the space that can perfectly adjust only a few promotional banners and a 10×10 event tent. Somehow, international shows can provide extra space.

    If you intend to use a bigger tent, you need to exclude your other accessories making additional space for a canopy. Personally speaking, it might be a downfall as you must keep a variety of promotional signage, flags, hanging signs, and banners for effective marketing.

  4. Better client management and one-to-one dealing

    Whenever you are planning your booth do not forget to look out for the space as everything will be depending on it, particularly the canopy. The best way to manage customer traffic is to design your custom canopy in a size that fits the customers, effortlessly. A standard 10×10 custom tent provides enough space to welcome as many customers as you can deal with. Do you need to make space for 16 to 20 people? Try arranging your canopy in a stand-up, cocktail arrangement. It will give you space to keep 10-12 chairs with 8-inch rectangular tables; and 10 chairs with 60-inch circular tables.

    Having a 10×10 canopy will let you market your products and services without compromising the client’s participation.

  5. Set your tent without help of a full-fledged crew

    Struggling to set up a huge tent with your crew right in the middle of the event? Pretty bad impression right?

    Stop wasting your time and opt for a 10×10 printed canopy that is extremely flexible/easy to set and can be installed without needing an extra pair of hands. Besides, these are designed to offer quick storage with easy transportation.

  6. Easy and quick printing

    This goes without saying but all 10×10 canopies take less time for designing because of their smaller area. Quick manufacturing, designing, and printing mean faster delivery.

    Branded Canopy Tents has a team of skilled in-house graphic designers that ensures you get what you have asked for. We can print anything on your canopy to make it entirely customized as per the business marketing needs. We never compromise on fabric or paint quality.

    We are offering a no-obligation sample mock-up, but we always deliver the finalized design before printing to make sure that whether you need changes or not. Just to be clear, you can read the 100+ reviews available on our site.

  7. Wide range of options to go with

    Being small has proved valuable because now you have a wide range of frames, fiber, and complementary accessories to choose from. For the frame, you can have the layout made of fiber, glass, stainless steel, or rust-resistant aluminum. In the case of fabric, the variety includes PVC-coated or PU-coated polyester, cloth, and vinyl.

    If you are confused between choosing one style, you can look for a quick comparison between different companies and choose what suits you and you’re branding.

  8. Suitable for all professional and personal events

    By choosing a 10×10 custom canopy you are making a good investment that will keep providing you with beneficial and long-term use in all sorts of events. This is the size that is acceptable and considered standard for all commercial and non-commercial events. It is fun, spacious, and compact-sized all together.

  9. Quick to install, convenient to store and easy to carry

    Carrying heavy accessories might bug you as bigger tents will demand extra care and space. Not only this but big size also makes transportation and storage difficult. Now is the time to replace your heavy-duty and gigantic tents with compact and flexible to use 10×10 custom canopies that are easy to install and carry. You can set up the tent within minutes without needing the help of a large crew.

    Branded Canopy Tents make canopies lightweight and offer convenient transportation. When you are done with the event, store it safely inside your sturdy carry bags and take it to your next destination.

  10. Affordability with multitude of benefits

    Always keep your finances under check as effective budgeting is the key to successful marketing. That’s why it would be better to choose 10×10 canopies because they are reasonably priced. Although they are providing impressive benefits with striking artwork of your choice, it will still not be costing you as much as other canopies do. It can go as little as $300 which leaves you with a sufficient budget to buy other promotional accessories to make your booth stand out.

Now, you must have learned how beneficial it is to get a 10×10 custom canopy. Design your custom canopy in 10×10 dimensions and see for yourself.

Well, if you are still having second thoughts or have some doubts and queries to clear, We are pleased to help you! Leave a comment below or you can call us at 888-414-7340 to place your order at branded canopy tents.