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Custom Tablecloths

Custom Tablecloths are an often overlooked element of trade show booths and marketing events, but they’re an essential part of any professional display. An uncovered table makes the space look unfinished and unprofessional. A custom tablecloth from Branded Canopy Tents is a cost-effective way to complete your trade show booth. Our all trade show table covers are made from durable material that can withstand both indoor and outdoor trade shows and events. Using dye sublimation printing, we’ve redefined industry standards and provide you with high-quality custom table covers every time. Branded Canopy Tents table covers come in multiple sizes, including 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft covers.

We deliver the products within 5-7 business days after artwork approval
Free Professional Design Free 3D visuals - 4 hours Free Shipping

What Branded Canopy Tents Offer

Table covers are extremely durable and easy to transport and are made of wrinkle-resistant fabric. It takes just seconds to set up and tear down your table covers, which gives you more time to focus on your marketing event and less time on logistics. We provide custom fitted table covers, loose table covers, table runners, and more. Not only will you get to fully customize your table cover for your trade show display, but you’ll also be confident knowing that all of our table covers are resistant to wrinkles, moisture, and sunlight. That means you can use your table covers again and again knowing that they’re designed to stand up to the wear and tear of consistent trade shows and marketing events.

Table Cloths printing and material options

3 Sided & 4 Sided
Available In: 3 Sided & 4 Sided
Wrinkle Resistant Polyester
Wrinkle Resistant Polyester
Machine Washable
Machine Washable
Flame Retardant
Flame Retardant

A Dedicated Design Team

Do you know what keeps us apart from the competition? Our dedication! Our motivation! Our enthusiasm to provide quality work at an affordable range! Branded Canopy Tents treats customers like a family, and that is why whenever you contact us to create an appealing custom table cover for you, you will be provided with a devoted manager and team. By using our expertise of years, we can make your display stand out in the competitive market. Whether you want guidance in design or desire to know about shipping and post-delivery support, you will be contacting only one person – your personal guider. He will answer every question and clear all the doubts.

Upload Artwork Template: If you are an experienced designer or understand the basics of graphic designing, you can use this method where all you have to do is upload your pre-ready artwork template. But if you cannot create a design, this option is not for YOU. You can download templates of all our tr ade show tablecloths to put your personally designed artwork through advanced computer software. Once you have completed your template and submitted it to us, we will provide you with proof for final approval within a day or two. After your permission, we will start printing.

Free Design Services: Don’t worry if you have no idea bout designing. Branded Canopy Tents has professional free of cost design services to offer. Our skilled designers will assist you in creating a custom table cover the way you like. Get in contact with Branded Canopy Tents and hire our qualified graphic designers! Our designers will stay and guide you, communicate with you, and support you until you are done with your artwork. Similarly, our pre-press team will work on your proof/sample send you for final approval. After receiving the consent, the production will be started.

For more information on how a beautiful custom table cover can help your business grow, contact the team at Branded Canopy Tents by calling 888-414-7340, emailing at, or chatting with our team online.

Care Tips for Your Custom Table Covers

To ensure long-term use, we make every product with high-quality material. For lightweight frames, we use durable aluminum or sturdy steel. For graphics, we use hard-wearing variants of polyester that are also made machine-washable. We make our custom tablecloths easy and quick to clean. They can be dries easily. Apart from ease of washing, they offer ease of use and maintenance through effortless assembly and installation.

No matter how robust they are made, you must follow specific precautionary guidelines so the print and material stay fresh and crisp even after several years' use.

  • Always wash the fabric on delicate/mild/moderate/light cycle
  • You can prefer hand washing the fabric
  • Use cold water for washing and cleaning
  • Never use any harsh chemical or bleach
  • For drying the custom table throw, put them inside a dryer on a low cycle
  • You can hang dry the fabric, too
  • Using a steamer or low heat iron for excluding wrinkles and giving a smoother finesse is a sensible act

1. Wash on a delicate cycle with cold water

2. Dry on a low cycle or hang dry

3. Steam or iron out wrinkles on low heat

Types of Custom Tablecloths

To promote your business and create big-scale brand awareness, you cannot miss a custom tablecloth. A well-dressed table best portrays your company with creativity. Usually, customers talk while standing at a table - a perfect place to explain your company's services. To keep the guests engaged, you can use your table for giveaways, distributing handouts, promoting the products, brochures, or other promotional samples. That is why the table must be properly customized

We have the designs and styles to change your basic tables into a top-notch advertising space! It is time to save your money from wasting on uninspiring trade show table covers. After all, why would you prefer buying cheap-quality table throws when you have the solution right in front of you “Branded Canopy Tents.”


Branded Canopy Tents makes traditional standard tablecloths with custom prints that could be logos or images. Our all-over-print trade show table covers and logo-only variation are highly recommended options to try. They are designed to help you attract traffic to your brand. We allow you to create your tablecloths entirely as per your preference.
You need this slick, professional tablecloth if you want to get attention in the upcoming trade show!

Fitted & Stretch

The table looks appealing and well-defined when the cloth is covered correctly, giving a tight fit. Our “fitted & stretch” type of tablecloths are made stretchable, letting you expand them and fit firmly around the table. Ideal for getting a modern appearance and a definite shape. They are made versatile with the options of 3-sided (open-back) and 4-sided (full coverage).


The best part is, we have our custom tablecloths crafted with stain & spill-resistant 300D fabric material. If you are in the food & beverage industry, you have found a treasure for your display. No more uncomfortable spillage, no more mess, and no oil stains giving an untidy look. Even if you have an accidental spill, it will not destroy your table cloth. They can be easily wiped away, leaving no smudge, residue, or bizarre dampness.


Suppose you want to avail yourself of the advantage of convertible tablecloths because they are definitely a cost-effective option. In that case, you must choose from a flagship fully-printed tablecloth or a branded tablecloth with a logo print only. Such tablecloths are made size adjustable, letting you fit the tablecloth in a matter of seconds whether you have an 8ft & 6ft table or a 6ft & 4ft table in front of you. Size conversion is made simpler and easier with fabric receptive adhesive straps. It transitions flawlessly while promoting your brand. You can use it at a multitude of events – a longtime investment!


As the name defines, it is crafted with two complimentary designed table throws that are placed on top of each other. This is one of the most innovative, captivating, and striking designs ever made. Adding this stunning piece of table throws can bring class to your style. You can order them in any of the three sizes: 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft. We can print them with your brands’ logo(s) or images. You are welcomed to provide us with the custom artwork that you desire to be printed on your crossover table throws.

Stock Color

Branded Canopy Tents has an impressive collection of single-color trade show tablecloths. Being a pocket-friendly and cohesive display option, you can pull together your look with this marvelous piece without putting strain on your budget. You can go as much bold as you want with red, black, yellow, and blue. Or go as subtle as you wish with beige, white, peach, pink, grey, etc. Branded Canopy Tents offers stock color as a quality alternative to custom printed tablecloths.


Putting a round table as a centerpiece to your booth can be a good decision. Considering the importance of a round table, we have round tablecloths to offer. They seem ideal for high-boy cocktail tables that come in a variety of diameters starting from 32-inch to 96-inch. We make round custom tablecloths in various styles, including standard, fitted, stretch, and stain-resistant. To ensure quality, they are all made with flame-retardant 100% polyester.

Table Runners

Table runners are essential in creating a personal, private environment more unique where your guests can communicate. Custom tablecloths will surely bring the necessary attention to your booth regardless of the tough competition. But it would help if you thought about pairing them with custom table runners. It will maximize your presence and make the table presentation more artistic. You can have your table runner inscribed with a logo or in print with a custom design. You can purchase custom table runners in all-over-print as well as the logo-only option.

Custom Tablecloths with 3 or 4 Sides: Which is right for me?

Whether you choose a 3-sided or 4-sided tablecloth, it will lure people by making your brand noticeable. Both options make your brand and marketing message more visible. They are made in 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and custom sizes.

Branded Canopy Tents offers rectangular custom tablecloths in two different coverage styles. You can choose to keep your space and need in mind. Our 3-sided tablecloths are more economical. Apart from being a budget-friendly option, it has the additional benefit of allowing you to keep your essentials safe and hidden in the open back. Extra storage and easy access! The entire cover, also called 4-sided tablecloths, is crafted for covering the entire tab. It covers the back and front and both sides (left and right).

Are you trying to decide between our 3-sided or 4-sided custom tablecloths? Here are the benefits of each option

3-Sided (Open Back)
If you plan to set your table against a wall, you can take help from a 3-sided tablecloth in storing extra items. Open back gives easy under-table storage along with providing additional room for keeping chairs.

4-Sided (Closed Back)
For a sleek, all-covered, and polished appearance, the 4-sided tablecloth is best as it keeps you safe from all four sides.

Are you presenting at a tradeshow? This is a more professional option to choose, providing full 360 degrees view to the guests and enticing them.

Personalized Tablecloths at An Affordable Price

Branded Canopy Tents is known for quality and affordable pricing. Even if you have a small-scale business, you can get yourself a custom tablecloth made with high-quality material without worrying about breaking the bank. Whether it is trade shows, business fairs, or beyond, we are offering the best options to cater to your table cover needs. Do you prefer a monochrome look? You can choose from our solid-color stock table covers. But, you would be amazed by our branded tablecloths customized with logos and custom full-print designs. The use of flame-retardant, sturdy, long-lasting, and 100% polyester fabric gives the strength to the tablecloth to withstand the test of time and use. Made with hemmed sides, it provides a nice, clean look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I clean my custom tablecloths?

Ans: Our tablecloths can be machine washed but only on a delicate or mild cycle along with using cold water. You can also hand-wash the fabric. If you want to get rid of spots or stains, use mild soap and cold water on the specific area. The use of bleach is not allowed. In fact, any harsh chemical is not preferred. To minimize the damage while drying, run the tablecloth through the dryer cycle on low heat. It can be hung dry. For removing wrinkles and crinkles, the best solution is a quality steamer.

Q: Will my branded table cloths fade after washing?

Ans: Never! Using an advanced printing method called dye sublimation, we ensure that your custom tablecloths never fade out after multiple washes. The dye sublimation technique helps embed the ink directly into the polyester, creating striking graphics. And these vibrant colors are also permanent that never peel or fade.

Q: Will your tablecloths fit my table?

Ans: Yes! but it also depends on the size of your table. We have stock and custom printed table covers designed for fitting 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft tables (plastic folding). The most popular tablecloth size for most professional events is the standard 6ft table. Moreover:

  • 8’ tablecloth: fits 96” x 29” x 30” table
  • 6’ tablecloth: fits 72” x 29” x 30” table
  • 4’ tablecloth: fits 48” x 29” x 24” table

Q: Do you offer custom sizes?

Ans: Customization is never a problem for Branded Canopy Tents. We have skilled teams that can help you design a custom table cover for your custom-size table. No matter how unique dimensions or shapes you want, we can make this happen.

Q: Can I use an iron on my custom table cloths?

Ans: For any personalized printed tablecloth, we do not recommend using an iron. Whenever you use iron for pressing, the heat will directly affect print quality and reacts with inks, ruining the graphics. To remove stubborn wrinkles, always use a steamer.

Q: Are your custom tablecloths fire-resistant?

Ans: We make our fabrics fire-resistant for the safety of the customers. The polyester variant called NPFA-701 is fire class certified, and that is what we use. In fact, the Display Polyester and our Stretch Display Polyester are made fire-retardant. More safety!

Q: What is the difference between Logo Print and All Over Print?

Ans: By “logo print tablecloth,” we mean the tablecloth that will only have your brand’s logo on its fabric displaying your company name. By “all over print tablecloth,” we mean a tablecloth designed more intricately and features the complicated brand and artwork. Your design will be printed all over the fabric, covering every inch.

Q: Can these trade show table covers be displayed outdoors?

Ans: Why not! We make our custom table covers suitable for outdoor events. They are sturdy and hard-wearing to withstand the test of time and use. They can stay uptight in windy weather or other calamities. They are fire-resistant, as well. Their strengthened fabric avoids any possible damage. If you install it in the direct sunlight for longer durations or even months continuously, the graphic might fade over time.

Q: Do you offer any promotional items to complement a custom tablecloth?

Ans: We have the best promotional product called custom printed aprons that balance a tablecloth. They are ideal for business dealing in food or drink industries as it keeps you safe and clean during festivals, food shows, etc. You can get them 100% customized. For easy cleanup, they are made machine washable.

Q: What is the difference between tablecloths and table runners?

Ans: The pieces of fabric that are displayed down the center of a table are called table runners. They are designed to provide an epic solution to well-dress your table, adding a pop of style, and class especially to a solid color or blank tablecloth. Tablecloths are basically a decorative and protective barrier spread all over the top of the table, hanging down all sides. You get a hidden storage area with a fully covered tabletop to keep extra trade show materials and marketing gear.

Q: Do you have circular or custom round tablecloths?

Ans: Yes, we have a collection of round tablecloths in various styles such as All Over Print, Logo-Print, Fitted, Stain-Resistant, and Cocktail. The standard size range starts from 27-inch and ends at 96-inch. But, you can ask for custom sizes.

Q: How should I store my custom table throw?

Ans: For easy and safe storage, you must fold your tablecloths tightly and always stash them in a dry, dark room or indoor storage closet. Before storing, make sure it is completely dried to prevent mold or mildew damage.

Q: Where are printed table covers typically displayed?

Ans: They are the best promotional accessory to be used in a multitude of advertising and promotional events. A variety of businesses and organizations can use it.

  • Flea markets and festivals
  • Trade shows
  • Religious events
  • Corporate events
  • Weddings
  • Family gatherings
  • Restaurants
  • Car dealerships

Having personalized tablecloths is a sure-fire way to flaunt your brand, share your logos, explain the brand services, etc.

Q: Which coverage option is better for me: 3-Sided or 4-Sided?

Ans: It usually relies on the intend you have for displaying your custom tablecloth. Whether you choose a 3-sided or 4-sided tablecloth, it will lure people by making your brand noticeable. If you are planning to stay behind the table throughout the event, choose a 3-sided tablecloth. It will give you room to keep your essentials, gears, chairs and let you stretch your legs. No more pulling or tugging the shoes. The 4-Sided tablecloths are perfect if you will not be sitting behind the table or if you want to showcase your brand from all sides. It gives a massive hidden storage space underneath the table, too.