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Custom Feather Flags for your Event

Using ultra-durable 110g knitted polyester, Branded Canopy Tents creates custom printed flags for your brand and business that will stand up to the elements. Whether you use your custom flags for indoor promotional events or even outside of your business, you know you’re getting a high-quality marketing product when you partner with us. We utilize industry-leading dye sublimation print processes to ensure a crisp, clear print every time. Our team will work with you on a custom design to implement your logo, messaging, and branding onto your custom feather flags for maximum visibility at events and shows. Use your custom flag to mark your trade show booth, promote new products or services, or at the entrance of your business.

Feather FlagsConvex

Perfect for events, trade shows & more with variety of shapes & sizes.

Angled FlagsAngled

Swooper banners are patriotic feather flags. Lightweight. Easy Set-Up.

Straight FlagsStraight

Enhancing your brand with straight Bottom feather flags. Best form of any promotions.

Sunblade FlagsSunblade

Sunblade feather flags lot of attention & different way to announce your location.

Teardrop FlagsTeardrop

Especially for road side events, expos, and conferences. Multiple sizes available.

Rectangle FlagsRectangle

Increase sales with outdoor advertising. Variety of bases & sizes available.

Flag Package DealsFlag Package Deals

Get advertising flags package deals

Flag HardwareFlag Hardware

Custom Banners, Poles, Water Bags, Ground Spike & More

Flag Add-onsFlag Add-ons

Custom Tents, Table Covers, Banner Stands, Pop ups & more

Custom Feather Flag Options

Custom Feather Flag Options

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor event you need to attract customers to your business and customized feather flags are the ideal choice to do so. It will quickly draw the attention of the passersby towards your promotional display and will urge them to get engaged with your company’s services. Branded Canopy Tents is known for creating hard-wearing custom flags using 110gm of polyester which makes it weather resistant. That is why you need to buy them for your outdoor festivals.

30% Off on Customized Feather Flags with Free Delivery

You can visit our official site where the price is already posted with the 30% discount included. You will get free shipping only if your order has crossed $100. Plus, if you have shopped using the coupon code.

Our custom feather flags and custom flags come with ease of use as they are easy to transport and are versatile enough to be used for various events. We keep our flag pole kits lightweight for convenient portability. Besides, they are height adjustable and can be telescoped together making a single larger pole unit. They can be installed in no time at any event. At Branded Canopy Tents, you will be provided with several options of flag pole mounting for installing your flag kits. It can be set up on the walls, fences, roofs, tents, poles, etc. You can make your outdoor booth outshine the rest by choosing our 17-foot feather flag banner kit. Well, another option to make a booth compelling enough to attract a large crowd indoors is our 8-foot flutter flag kit. The availability of custom feather flags in a wide range of dimensions, styles, and designs lets you use them for all sorts of events.

The advertising signs will stay incomplete without featuring amazing custom air dancers. We are here to design your very own inflatable tube man customized with the colors of your choice and with your brand’s logo or graphics. Setting feather flag banners with the air dancers is known to be the best and the quickest way of getting passersby's attention to your business booth. You are welcomed to send us a free design request, and we will surely provide you with a proof/sample before you finalize the purchase. But, we are assured that you will be impressed with our custom signage designs!

Flag Pole Stand Options

Here we are enlisting the options for the flat-pole stand you have to pick from for your booth.

Ground Spike
If you are setting your flag on a grassy, or soft dirt location, it will be a great choice. All you need is to twist the spike or hammer it into the ground until it feels firm. Do not forget to look out for the sprinkler pipes before starting to hammer.

Cross Base
It is suitable only for the flat, evenly smooth, and solid surface. The average weight of the cross-base is 10lbs, which means, you will be needing extra weighted support to keep the feather flag kit stand still and stable. Adding water-filled weight-donuts will increase the weight by 15lbs. Well, you also have the option to use sand-filled bags to add weight.

Heavy Duty Flat Base
The total weight of the base is known to be approx. 16lbs. Are you looking for an option where you can keep your base hidden under, away from the people's sight? It is your best option as the stand keeps the base at the least visibility.

Car Wheel Base
As the name reflects, it seems best for new as well as used car dealers. Mostly, our auto dealerships buy wheelbases to stabilize their car flags. All wheelbases are not only easy to set but offer portability which makes them easy to move from one to another vehicle.

Wind Rating of Feather Flag banners

Wind ratings with flag banner ground stake are dependent on density of ground, and how well the ground stake pushed into the ground. Please remember below listed wind ratings are a guide but human common sense should be applied.

Banner SizeRating With Ground Stake Rating With Cross BaseRating With Cross Base & Water Weight
6ft Flag BannerApprox 75km/H Winds38km/H Winds75km/H Winds
9ft Flag BannerApprox 60km/H Winds30km/H Winds65km/H Winds
13ft Flag BannerApprox 60km/H Winds22km/H Winds60km/H Winds
15ft Flag BannerApprox 60km/H Winds22km/H Winds60km/H Winds

Get your Custom Feather Flags by ordering Online

We offer the easiest 3-step checkout procedure for a quick and trouble-free purchase. Generally, you are provided with the design tool and guide only to let you design your custom flag but what if you do not know how to design or need any assistance? Branded Canopy Tents has skilled and professional designers available for full-time guidance and assistance. With the support of our smart designers, you will be able to complete your custom design effectively, and innovatively. If you wish to have a design proof, you can click hereNo purchase necessary. Check and re-evaluate your custom design for your feather flags before making a final purchase.

If you want to have some fun while designing your flag, you must learn how to design a custom feather flag by using Adobe Illustrator. Having a vector file will help you design a custom flag comparatively easier. You can either downsize or enlarge your logo image and your quality will not be affected. The most preferable formats to use for the best quality images are .ai, .eps, and .pdf. You should view the video given below for a quick guidance. It will make you understand what options you have regarding texts, captions, and color schemes to customize your design. Well, you also have the option to design your flag following along with the video. But, first, make sure that you have downloaded a feather flag template and have installed Adobe Illustrator. It would be sensible to keep your custom feather flags design simple with the brand’s logo placed either at the top or the bottom. Because the customers will only give a few seconds to your flag, the design must be understandable and engaging.

The good news is that on all custom feather flag kits, you would be getting FREE shipping. Where the customers are provided with free delivery, most of the products from the range of custom signs are available at an amazing 20% discount. Do you want a custom canopy tent for a corporate and business meeting or do you want to make your booth more presentable and compelling in comparison to the competitors? No matter for what use, our premium quality, polyester-made, and the durable outdoor flag will make you stand out. We have the availability of single-sided and double-sided printed feather flags for customization. The suggested option is to choose double-sided flag banners. It enhances the chance of customer interaction by attracting customers from both sides.

If you are worried about the budget, then you must know that our flag banners are a beneficial investment. We have the cheap feather flags available at the same finest quality. Branded Canopy Tents comprises a massive range of more than 600 stock feather flag banners. We have made sure that we offer something to fit your preference. The best-sellers are sale flags and open flags. As far as the rates are concerned, you will get stock designs for $14.99 per replacement flag. At discounted prices, our complete swooper flag kits can be purchased for $49.

About our Custom Feather Flags

Setup, Care, and Storage


In a standard package, you will get a complete custom feather flag kit that will include a printed flag, pole kit, and a ground spike that you need for installation.

The installation is done either by hammering the spike into the ground or by twisting the way inside the soft dirt, grassy ground surface. You can turn several poles into one by joining the height-adjustable poles from end to end. Always start from the largest pole and end it with the smallest pole piece.

The length of the pole piece usually relies on the height of your customized feather flag. Grab the pole from the thinnest side and start sliding the flag onto the pole. The thinnest piece will appear extremely flexible with a pre-curved endpoint. In the case of a tie-down clip, the flag needs to be tied down.

Care - Taking Care of Your Feather Flag

Undoubtedly, our complete range of flag kits is made with high-quality and hard-wearing materials to keep them reliable for outdoor and indoors advertising campaigns. They are designed to resist outdoor weather misfortunes, but it is strongly advised to handle them with utmost care to keep them safe from getting damaged. If you can, you should put your flags inside during stormy winds. Or else, the chances of the flag pole and banner getting damaged are higher.

Do Not Bleach


Wash Cold

Hang Dry

Do Not Iron


Apart from handling it with care, you must store it properly after use. It is advised to store them preferably at a room temperature setting, either in a safety box or bag. In case you have been keeping your flags outdoors in the sheds, storehouses, or garages, they will wear and tear faster as well as the quality of the print will be destroyed due to the high heat exposure.

Washing & Cleaning

  • You can wash your flags by putting them inside a washer on a light cycle with a cold temperature water
  • You can go for hand-washing the flags with on a light cycle
  • They can be air-dried by simply placing your flag back onto the pole
  • Do not ever put the flags inside a dryer

Feather Flag Specifications

Flag Material and Thickness: Flags are made with 110gm Polyester also known as a 4oz. poly knit mesh fabric.

Uses: Our flags are suitable for both outdoor and indoor events. These can be used to display the brand’s products, services, logos, or contact details. These are useful for promotional messages, advertisements, and sales. You can use it for commercial as well as non-commercial purposes including sporting events, concerts, festivals, as well as trade-shows.

Weight: The weight of the flag is not fixed. The typical weight range starts from 5.5lb per kit (usually 8ft feather flag kit). It goes as heavy as 12lbs per kit (usually 15ft feather flag kit).

Print Process: At Branded Canopy Tents, we have been using the best commercial print procedure of printing the design directly on the material. The benefit is its great bleed-through. Printing with the darker colors on the back of the custom flag is recommended due to their greater prominence and better readability in comparison to the lighter shades.

Average Lifespan: If you handle your flag with care, use it intermittently and store them at a safe place it would last as long as 3 or more years. With rough and tough use, the lifespan will be limited to not more than a year.

Fading: Safe storage is a necessity because flags can get faded if exposed to the outdoors for a longer time. With careful handling, your custom feather flags can offer more than 5 years of use, only if it is used periodically. You will feel the need of buying a new flag after every 9-12 months in case of using the flag continuously and especially in the outdoor setting.

For instance, if you live in California or Arizona, due to their harsh summers and dry climate, your flags will fade faster.

Color Guarantee: As colors that appear on a screen can vary from the actual shade due to the shift from RGB colors to CMYK color mode, color matching is not guaranteed. To clear the doubts, you can ask for a color sample that could be provided after a payment of $9.50. The best color option to pick for custom feather flags is Pantone colors as other shades particularly blues, reds, and purples can look totally different when printed on a piece of fabric. Branded Canopy Tents is providing no refunds or reprints in case of any color variation.

Feather Flags Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Are custom feather flags and blade flags the same? What about custom flags and teardrop flags? Which are better?

Ans: These three questions are repetitively asked by several customers. Well, we are here to provide you the answers. Categorically, the terms “feather banners,” “swooper flags,” and “flag banners” are interchangeable. As far as the term “Feather Flag” is concerned, it is used only because of its distinctive feather-like shape. For your convenience, the custom flags are named after their shapes. Every flag comes with its exceptional look to make your booth compelling. Our best-sellers are feather flags, rectangle flags, and teardrop flags. Every flag type and shape is a great selection for marketing and promoting your brand. Do you know what is the best part? That you can pick whatever you like or would prefer to see in your booth. Every flag is designed for indoors as well as outdoor use so choose as per your personal preference.

Q: What material is your feather flag made of?

Ans: Branded Canopy Tents is using hard-wearing yet lightweight, 4 oz. polyester material to make the custom feather flags. The estimated weight is 110gm which is easy to handle. To ensure quality, we test the material multiple times. Our flags are suitable for outdoor use. In a slight breeze, the flag will flutter around.

Q: What is a swooper flag?

Ans: Swooper flag and feather flag are interchangeable terms as they are the same flag type. By Swooper flag, it means a flag that stays open only with the wind. Well, we are no longer manufacturing swooper flags and have replaced it with our range of feather flags that doesn’t require wind to stay open. Besides, the name was also not impressive enough to attract the buyers, as it fails to describe feather flags spec or type. Nevertheless, a feather is a better way to explain the flag as they look alike.

Q: What is the lifespan of your feather flag?

Ans: To make your flag last more than 3 years, you must handle it carefully and store it properly after use. If you leave your flag outside or use it continuously, the quality of the banner will be ruined due to extensive sunlight exposure. Continuous use can decrease the life-span up to 9-12 months. The flag pole and flat tend to tear and wear faster if subjected to severe outdoor/climatic conditions.

Q: What is a travel package?

Ans: A travel package is a kit that is upgraded or modified to offer you the comfort of fitting and carrying everything inside the travel bag, unproblematically. For instance, the kit will have comparatively lightweight poles and lighter mounting accessories as they are easier to carry, transport and store.

Q: What are the dimensions of the travel bag that comes with your feather flag kit?

Ans: The travel bag that comes with a flag kit has estimated standard dimensions of 50” x 4” x 3”.

Q: Will the wind blow my feather flag away?

Ans: Yes, but only if it's stormy strong winds. The height plays an important role because, in the shorter kit, the flag tends to be blown easily. The solution to the problem is to install your flag in a vertical position and then tie it down with a flag tie-down clip.

Q: Can my feather flag kit topple over?

Ans: Yes, in the strong winds a feather flag kit can be toppled over. To avoid inconvenience, make sure that you have mounted the flag firmly. Check if the ground spikes are inserted deep enough. Deep grounding will keep your flag from falling over even in the winds. You can use cross-bases to add extra weight for secure support. The alternate is the use of either weight-donuts or sandbags. The extra weight is typically added depending on the weather/wind condition.

Q: Can I order a replacement pole set or additional hardware?

Ans: Yes! Visit the flag pole hardware category available on our official site of Branded Canopy Tents, and place your order for the replacement pieces.

Q: Are your feather flags fire resistant?

Ans: Although they are water-repellent and also resistant to heat (sunlight) but are not flame resistant and can catch fire right away. It is advised to keep the flags at a safe distance from sparks or flames.

Q: What does a single-sided feather flag mean?

Ans: It simply means a flag that comes with a mirror image of your printed graphics on your custom feather flag’s backside. The bleed is more prominent in darker shades. It happens due to the bleeding of the graphics from the front to the back passing through the polyester material.

Q: Can your custom flags be double-sided?

Ans: Branded Canopy Tents is offering double-sided flags that can be customized with the desired graphics on both sides. To design double-sided feather flags, two flags are printed separately and are sewn back to back. A 100% block-out sheet is put in the middle.

Q: What is a weight-donut? Can it be filled with sand?

Ans: To add extra weight to the pole base, weight donuts are used that are actually the bags filled with water. Inflating it fully with water will provide you an estimated weight of 15lbs. And, yes. You can stuff these bags with sand instead of water. Besides, weight donuts can be reused.

Q: Is a travel case included with my purchase of a custom feather flag?

Ans: The travel bag comes as an option. You can add it to your order as you can find them on the product page. Our carrying bags are designed to offer you ease of portability, as you can fit your complete feather flag kit inside the bag, effortlessly.

Q: What other banners or signs do you offer?

Ans: Our best-seller signs are custom vinyl banners, standard custom flags, air dancers, and retractable banners. If you need any kind of assistance or have queries call us and get in contact with our customer representative. We would love to help you plan your marketing and promotional campaigns for your business. We suggest you always pair your custom feather flags with inflatable tube men. They go well together and can help you get the attention you crave or desire.

For more information on how a beautiful custom flag can help your business grow, contact the team at Branded Canopy Tents by calling 888-414-7340, emailing at, or chatting with our team online.