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A Guide To Our Design Services For Custom Pop Up Tents

Everyone wants an event filled with pomp, color, and taste. That runs down from your deco, food to the tent. And when it comes to custom pop-up tents, here at Branded Canopy Tents, we know the kind of services you need.

You get to work directly with one of our professional graphic designers to achieve your desired output. All you have to do is select "Design my Tent Free" on the product page that requires custom artwork.

That's it.

The rest of the heavy lifting goes down to us.

Our services are offered at industry-low prices with free design services for most of the artwork. We also have fast turnaround times and state-of-the-art printing. What you get from just clicking a few buttons is a 5-star experience offered by our best in-house graphics artists.

A Few Things You Might Need to Note

You need to note the following before you use our services:

  • Upload your logo or artwork in vector format.
  • If you wish to use images then they must be high-resolution to ensure high-quality crisp printing.
  • Design My Tent (Free) comes with 1 concept and 1 additional revision. Additional revisions and customization options are available at an additional cost.
  • We recommended providing us with accurate layout details including background colours (Pantone or CMYK) and details for each item as per your order such as Tent Roof, Valance, Walls etc. It will help us to provide a quick design turnaround.
  • You may use our Layout Sketch Sheet to draw and supply us for our designer to use as a starting point.
  • Free Design does not cover creating brand logos.
  • Design files created by Branded Canopy Tents won't be shared while or after the order is processed.
  • Production turnaround time is considered from the date of the artwork approval. We recommend keeping extra few days for design setup and submitting your order accordingly if you have a tight deadline.
  • You can read more about our design services.

Our goal is not to limit your branding requirement; we have advanced design/ editing services available. Please contact a customer service representative if your project requires advance customization and multiple revisions. If your project has a tighter deadline, please plan accordingly to keep extra days for design creation and approval.

The Best Formats for Your Artwork

For the best services, we offer a few guidelines on the format of the artwork you deliver to us. They are as follows:

Artwork That Requires PRINTING Only:

Depending on the resolution and pixel base, images in formats such as PDF, PSD, JPG, and TIFF may become blurry when enlarged.They are therefore not ideal for large prints. If your artwork is in one of these formats, please make sure that the file(s) you upload meet these requirements.

Please note that logo design is not included.

Accepted File Types

  • PDF: Print-ready PDF is our preferred file type. Easily create a print-ready PDF by downloading our job options presets and following the setup instructions. Ensure that you do not submit multiple pages in one document.
  • AI: Adobe® Illustrator® files should be submitted with all placed images embedded, and all transparencies flattened.
  • EPS: Adobe® Illustrator® EPS should be submitted with all transparencies flattened and all images embedded. Save the file with the "compatible gradient" option checked if the graphics include gradients. Adobe® Photoshop® EPS images should also be flattened (no layers) after removing all template lines.
  • PSD: Adobe® Photoshop® PSD images should be flattened (no layers or extra channels) after removing all template lines.
  • TIF: Adobe® Photoshop® TIF images should be flattened after removing all template lines and saved with no compression.
  • JPG: Adobe® Photoshop® JPG files should be saved at "Highest" or "Maximum" Quality.
  • INDD: Adobe® InDesign® documents should not include multiple pages. All placed artwork should be embedded.

Artwork That Requires CUTTING

For this type of artwork, we require a vector file in the following formats:

  • 25% scale at 100ppi
  • 100% scale at 125ppi
  • 50% scale at 250ppi
  • 25% scale at 500ppi

The accepted file types include AI, EPS, and CDR.

What If You Have Your Own Artwork?

Our team is well-equipped to work with any artwork you provide to us. However, there are a few instructions you need to follow:

  • Submit only page 2 of the template PDF,which contains the actual template for design use. For this:
    • Do not alter the template lines in any way when creating your artwork.
    • Do not use any of the template spot colors in your artwork. Anything using these colors is viewed as part of the template and is automatically removed by our system.
  • Design on both sides of the template for double-sided products, even if the graphics are the same on the front and back.
  • If multiple designs are selected for a product, submit one artwork file per design.

A Few Things to Note When Creating Your Artwork

  • Submit all artwork files in CMYK color space mode.
  • Design with PANTONE® (PMS) Color Bridge® colors whenever possible. This will ensure the colors are more accurately reproduced.
    • PMS colors must be set to 100% opacity. If any transparencies are used, the print may show unexpected results.
    • Due to the nature of digital printing, metallic and fluorescent PMS colors cannot be accurately reproduced.
    • Also, due to the nature of the CMYK printing process, the reproduction of defined PMS colors is not always possible.
  • Design all artwork files at a ratio of 1:10.
    • Products smaller than 16" x 16"should be designed at a 1:1 ratio.
    • Note that the print quality won't be affected using our 1:10 file size requirement.
  • Follow the following resolution requirements for raster (pixel) images.
    • A minimum of 360dpi on textile materials (e.g., polyester fabric).
    • A minimum of 800dpi on vinyl & rigid materials (e.g., corrugated plastic, cardboard, foam board, etc.).
    • Note that in a graphics application like Adobe® Photoshop®, increasing the DPI of an image size does not improve the resolution.
  • Use vector art when possible for logos, fonts, and line drawings.
  • Keep important elements within the gray image safety line, or they might get cut off or stitched over on the finished product.
  • Extend all artwork out to the template's magenta bleed line.
  • Convert all fonts to outlines.
  • Embed all images and links.
  • Discard all overprint settings. Graphics set to overprint may lead to unexpected results in colors or content.
  • Double-check grammar and spelling.

Where Do You Upload Your File or Artwork?

The process is relatively simple.

Please enter your 6-DIGIT order confirmation number. If you do not have an order number, place your order online and then return to this page to send us your art files.

Upload the file to:

Alternatively, you can email the file to: with your order id