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High-Quality Rectangle Flags Designed to Boost Your Branding

The best way to market your brand or promote your services is to use rectangle banner flags as it is a multipurpose accessory that can be used for all sorts of events. If you are looking for a flag that will help you display a lot of graphics and textual content, rectangle advertising flags will work best for this situation. Do you know why? Because it has no curved endings or corners unlike custom feather flags and teardrop banners that let you utilize the extra space to design. Assembled with durable materials and high-quality printing, Branded Canopy Tent’s custom rectangle flags are perfect for highlighting your business, promoting your products and services, and advertising your storefront. The durable construction allows you to use rectangle flags at both indoor and outdoor marketing events all year long. Place your order online today.

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  2. Display Size: 27.5" W x 102" H
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  3. Display Size: 27.5" W x 149.6" H
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Are you looking for help in customizing your designs? Branded Canopy Tents is available at your service. We will help you design your custom rectangle flags and that is also for free. You are asked to fill the form to get your hands on your sample. We need only 30 minutes to 2 business hours to reach you back.

Custom Rectangle Flag Options

Custom Rectangle Flag Options

Because of the distinctive shape and design of rectangle banner flags, it urges the passersby to visit your display by making the company branding more attractive and appealing. You can leave a long-lasting impression that could help you expand your upcoming customer’s traffic and ultimately increase the sales giving you a reasonable ROI. The area specified for the printing on a flag is as wide as 3ft which is satisfactory enough to display graphics for both outdoor and indoor events. Branded Canopy Tents will help you customize your flag with professionalism while keeping it engaging enough to let you not worry about missing the opportunity to interact with more customers anymore.

Rectangle Flags Pole Stand Options

Here we are enlisting the options for the rectangle flag-pole stand you have to pick from for your booth.

Ground Stake
This flag pole stand option needs to be either twisted or hammered into the ground, past the soft dirt layer. Going beyond the soft soil layer will help you keep the spike firm at its place. It is estimated to be 20-inch long.

Ground Stake
Cross Base

Cross Base
Do you need to install your rectangle flag banner on an even, flat, and solid ground? If yes, then you need to use the cross-base stand that weighs about 10 pounds. It requires an extra weight to keep the pole stand erect. For additional weights, you can use water-filled weight-donuts that can add up to 15lbs. The alternate is the sand-bags which also make a good choice. Remember, it is not a suitable option for the banner’s setup on hills, uneven, soft, or angled surfaces.

Flat Base
Branded Canopy Tents make flat base pole stands that do not require any extra weight as they solely weigh approximately 16 pounds. It just sits flat on the ground, letting you hide the base easily, either under the table or behind the tent.

Flat Base
Car Wheel Base

Car Wheel Base
This pole stand option is used to mount the custom flags to a vehicle’s tire. The wheelbase is a feasible, easier, and flexible option to keep your flag either on a car or a parking lot.

Order Rectangle Banner Flags

Branded Canopy Tents comprises a broad range of promotional and advertising products as well as accessories that you need for your flags. We have everything you need for business. There are custom feather flags, teardrop flags, rectangle banner flags, air dancers, and vinyl banners. We make our rectangular flags with a hard-wearing poly-knit mesh material that ensures quality and durability.

Dimensionally, they come as 3ft wide and as far as the height is concerned it can vary within 10 to 17 feet. Rectangle flags come with a distinctive L-shaped design that makes the flag stay open all the time displaying your message clearly to the public.

If you are buying from Branded Canopy Tents, you will get the below-mentioned services

  • Genuine and top-quality US-made feather flags manufactured under the company’s name that reserves the patent on the design
  • Accessibility to more than 600 stock designs for flags at the market competitive prices
  • For customizing the flag, you will be provided with an online designing tool. It even allows you to upload pictures to use them in your design. It works without any restrictions or gimmicks. Besides, it is free of cost. It all depends on your imagination and creativity skills.
  • To customize the advertising signs, free designing services are offered
  • You are welcomed to give us the design details and other requirements you have in mind. Our in-house graphic team will make sure that we create something exceptional for your business.
  • Flags are available in versatile sizes and styles. For instance, you have the choice to pick either a single- or double-sided printing for the flag.
  • We provide fast delivery. All products are shipped timely and generally take 1-3 business days.
  • We apply no color or design restrictions and our registered printing procedure guarantees the finest digital printing on both sides, the front, and back
  • We work at economical prices while offering a flat price per custom product irrespective of the design details, plus delivery
  • Our customer service team has matchless skills that handle the issues in the best possible manner. The in-house graphic designing team is talented enough to provide you the best designs after considering your shared ideas. Besides, they are always busy developing all-fresh and innovative stock flag designs to let you have a bigger choice of selection.
  • If you have placed your order before noon, our logistics team makes sure that your order gets processed the same day
  • Our printing team is responsible for creating outstanding and professional promotional flags to make the companies look impressive and more presentable.

The available options for printing the flags include double-sided and single-sided prints. Apparently, the preference lies towards double-sided banner flags as they can target people from both sides at the same time leading to increased customer engagement.

About our Custom Rectangle Flags

Installation and Care


Setting up as well as packing the rectangle banner flags is pretty easy. All you need is a few minutes to install your flags.

Start assembling the flag by joining the telescopic straight pole pieces to make one unit and then slide the banner flag onto the pole unit. Lastly, you must insert and attach the arm to the flag’s top and flag pole firmly. Put the assembled banner over the mount and place it wherever you want, indoors or outdoors.

Banner Care

To make your flag last the years of use, you are advised to keep the flag folded and packed with care. By care, we mean:

It must be kept in a safe place, at a normal room temperature. Flag must not be placed near sharp or piercing objects (outdoor fences, brick walls, trees). Do not use a dryer for cleaning or washing your flag. For washing the flag, cold water should only be used while setting the machine at a low-speed cycle. Air dryer is a good alternative for washing but drying the flag by mounting it on the flagpole is suggested. Keep the flag safe from being rubbed over surfaces or with objects as it will make the flag fade, scratch, and tear relatively faster

Do Not Bleach


Wash Cold

Hang Dry

Do Not Iron

No matter how many promotional signs you will collect and install, they will always look incomplete without the addition of our fun custom air dancers. At Branded Canopy Tents, we are offering services of customizing your inflatable tube man that will be designed with your company’s details, logo, services, or products. Promotional rectangle banner flags and air dancers are a perfect combination to make your display visually more capturing, which will lead to increased customer traffic and client’ engagement.

Are you confused about the design? Send us a design request, and we will provide you with a proof/sample that will help you finalize the design before spending even a penny.

Rectangle Banner Flag Specifications

Flag Material: For manufacturing the flags, durable Polyester material is utilized that guarantees the quality

Thickness: The flags are made as thick as 4 oz or 110gm

Recommended use: Its main purpose is to promote your brand in both indoor and outdoor events through an alluring and compelling display. The graphics can be used to display the brand’s products or services, logo, and sales. These are suitable for promotional messages, as well. Their rectangular shape makes them stand taller and wider in comparison to our range of other promotional flags. Plus, their extra space for printing and designing makes them an ideal choice for interacting with a larger crowd found at sporting events, concerts, festivals, trade-shows, etc.

Weight: The normal flag weight ranges from 6.5lb to 12lbs per kit that makes an 8ft rectangle flag kit and a 15ft rectangle flag kit, respectively.

Printing Process: For printing, we always use a high-density procedure with reasonable bleed-through of medium to the darker shades on the custom rectangle flags. It let you print the graphics directly on the fabric that is polyester coated material. For improved visibility, the use of darker colors is proposed.

Average Lifespan: In case of using the flag periodically and keeping it in safe surroundings, the custom flag will last more than three years. On the contrary, the continuous or daily rough and tough use of the flag in the outdoor setting will reduce the lifespan to a maximum of one year. Always try to keep the flag safe from harsh winds, rains, or storms. Make sure, you store them inside at a suitable place instead of letting them wear and tear outside. The rectangle shape tends to catch up more wind that will make the pole topple over if kept in strong winds.

Fading: To maintain the quality of the custom flags for as long as 4 years, you need to handle it with care and safety. Flags being used occasionally, considering extensive care, will provide you long-term use. Imagining daily outdoor use of the flags exposing them to the sunlight and rain, winds, and other elements for more than 8hrs, the flag will be required to be replaced with a new one after 9-12 months. Harsh weather will ruin the quality of the flag and cause fading.

Color Guarantee: At Branded Canopy Tents, the colors may vary in real from the color that you will see on the screen due to the difference of RGB colors to the CMYK color mode. That is why we do not hold accountability for perfect color matching. If you are too sensitive about the shades, you can ask for a sample and we will send it after you pay a minimal fee.

In reality, the CMYK graphics will not give you the same neon glow or the striking brightness that you will be seeing on the screen. You must not expect the Custom flags to be matched with any other material, including T-shirts, business cards, vinyl prints, air dancers, etc.

Before finagling the deal, keep in mind that Branded Canopy Tents offers no reprints or refunds if you find color variance on any of your customized banner flags.

Creating Your Custom Flag Design

You must train yourself on how to design a custom flag by using Adobe Illustrator Using vector files makes designing easier even for a beginner. If you have live images and patterns to use, designing your flag may get problematic. You send us your design request and let us help you customize your design professional to make your brand appear smarter.

Interested in learning something new? Visit the below-mentioned link and check the video that is for beginners. It will help you learn to create appealing custom signs. You can also start working while following the video, but start with downloading a rectangle banner flag template and installing an Adobe Illustrator. The plus point is its free trial version you get on installing.

Try keeping the advertising flags simple to make it understandable because no one would like to spend unnecessarily extra minutes on reading but few seconds. Make these seconds worth the effort! Currently, you can purchase all custom rectangle flag kits with FREE shipping. Apart from the flag kits, you can avail 30% amazing discount on our range of custom signs. No matter if you are in need of an outdoor flag or indoor, we will design a custom flag that will lead the customers to your brand and engage them in your services.

We have a massive collection of stock feather flags and rectangle banner flags that not only offer a high-quality product but also come in your budget. You are welcomed to visit our website to see what options you have and order what suits your company standards.

Browse from our popular sale banners and open flags categories. You can get your Stock designs for $145.