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Teardrop Flags Are a Unique Way to Promote Your Business

Combined with a 360-degree swivel, a custom teardrop flag from Branded Canopy Tents sets your business apart from the competition. With multiple sizes available and full-color custom printing included with every order, our custom teardrop flags are a practical addition to your marketing toolkit. No matter what kind of flag you need for your next marketing event, the team at Branded Canopy Tents can design and assemble your flag in no time. We pride ourselves in quality prints, exceptional service, and on-time delivery. We offer a wide range of custom flags including convex flags, concave flags, straight flags, angled flags, banner flags, and so much more. Every one of our flags is carefully handcrafted to meet your exact business needs.

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  1. Display Size: 46.4" H x 19.6" W
    USD $150.00
  2. Display Size: 29.5" W x 74.75" H
    USD $195.00
  3. Display Size: 38.0" W x 118" H
    USD $230.00
  4. Display Size: 42.9" W x 152.75" H
    USD $275.00
Set Descending Direction

4 Items

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We are here to help you design your very own custom teardrop banner flag for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Do you know, what is the best part? You can design it for free. All you need to do is to provide us with the designing details by filling our design request form. We will deliver you proof as per your demands explained in the form. We are active and typically take half an hour to not more than 2hrs. (Business hours) to respond.

Custom Teardrop Flag Options

Custom Teardrop Flag Options

We can implement your branding, logo, messaging, and overall business theme onto any and all of our custom flag options. Our team uses a strict quality control process, meaning you’re getting the highest-quality printed flags in the industry. From simple Grand Opening signs to complex advertisements and more, Branded Canopy Tents is ready to help you with your marketing transformation. When you partner with Branded Canopy Tents on your custom flags, you’re getting marketing materials that can be used at any and all of your promotional events.

Teardrop Banner Flags Pole Stand Options

Here we are enlisting the options for the teardrop flag-pole stand you have to pick from for your booth.

Ground Stake
Most suitable for soft, uneven, grass, and dirt locations. To make your flag stand straight, you need to either hammer the spike or simply twist it till it passes beyond the loose soil layer. Be cautious of electricity lining, sprinklers, water pipes, or anything else before starting installing the stake.

Ground Stake
Cross Base

Cross Base
Our cross base typically weighs 10lbs and demands extra weight support to make the teardrop banner kit stand firm and stable even in the strong winds. For weighted support, you must use weight-donuts that add up to 15lbs. You can fill it with water or sand, as per your choice or the amount of weight you need to add. We have sand-bags available in our local hardware store category. It will be your best flag pole selection if you are setting up a teardrop flag on an even, solid surface. It works best for the sidewalk, parking lot, and asphalt.

Flat Base
At Branded Canopy Tents, you will get a flat-base of black solid color with an estimated weight of 16lbs. Due to the extreme thinness of the flagpole mounts, you can hide them effortlessly either under the table or behind the drawer and tent. To offer the least visibility, it sits flat on the ground.

Flat Base
Car Wheel Base

Car Wheel Base
Are you looking for faster and easier ways to mount your flag on the vehicle? The car wheelbase let you install your teardrop flag to the vehicle’s tire, effortlessly. These portable car wheelbases are usually purchased by the auto dealerships as they need these for mounting flags on their car lot.

Wind Rating of Teardrop Flag banner

Wind ratings with flag banner ground stake are dependent on density of ground, and how well the ground stake pushed into the ground. Please remember below listed wind ratings are a guide but human common sense should be applied.

Banner SizeRating With Ground Stake Rating With Cross BaseRating With Cross Base & Water Weight
6ft Flag BannerApprox 75km/H Winds38km/H Winds75km/H Winds
9ft Flag BannerApprox 60km/H Winds30km/H Winds65km/H Winds
13ft Flag BannerApprox 60km/H Winds22km/H Winds60km/H Winds
15ft Flag BannerApprox 60km/H Winds22km/H Winds60km/H Winds

Get your Custom Teardrop Flags by ordering Online

Being unique and appealing in design our custom teardrop banner flags are one of the best-sellers. Branded Canopy Tents offers exceptionally designed teardrop custom flags that you can use to make your booth visually attractive at trade-shows, indoor malls, and stores. It is suitable for other special occasions, as well including chili festivals, fairs, concerts, and any other outdoor event. Are you planning an event with an indoor location? A Teardrop banner flag style will be the best option. It requires no wind to stay open and that is why it is suitable for indoor events. You would find it fully displayed 100% of the time instead of fluttering or moving around. It offers portability and ease of use.

If you are thinking that flag poles are difficult to manage or install and carry as they are heavyweight and inflexible, you are highly mistaken. We have been making our range of flag pole kits with durable material yet keeping them extremely lightweight. As they are telescopic, they are easy to set and carry. Or else, you have the option of joining them together to make a larger pole. Our precisely designed 15-foot feather flag banner kit made with quality material is an ideal option for any outdoor event to grab the attention of the customers. Well, if you want to make your booth outshine the rest during indoor events, you must opt for a 9-foot flutter flag kit. We have custom flags with a wide range of size options. It means you can choose any of the given sizes that must compliment your event.

Do you need a customized teardrop banner flag style for the outdoor locations? In that case, you must order from our delightful and attractive custom air dancers for a better presentation as it makes a better combination with teardrop flag banners. We are here to help you customize your inflatable tube man! We can design it with your company’s logo and custom graphics. You can choose any color scheme. You can forward your request for a design sample that will be provided free of cost. You can make changes later, but we make sure that we like our design in the first impression.

Teardrop Flag Specifications

Flag Material: For manufacturing, Polyester knitted fabric is used that offers maximum durability

Thickness: The known thickness of the flags is 4 oz. or 110gm in terms of weight

Recommended Uses: It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. It best displays your brand’s services, products, promotions messages, log, and even the contact details. It is used for better advertisements and sales. It is versatile enough to go well with every occasion such as sporting events, concerts, festivals, trade-shows, and many more.

Weight: Depending on the flag kit, the total weight varies. The normal range starts from 5.5lb that comprises a 8ft teardrop flag kit. The maximum weight is up to 10lbs/ kit that must include a 14ft teardrop banner kit.

Printing Process: Do you know, what makes our teardrop feather flags so special and make them last longer? Our exclusive high-density printing technique with great bleed-through of color. It is used to print the graphics directly onto the fabric. The use of darker colors is recommended as they come with better visibility and have higher bleed-through from the flag’s front to the back.

Average Lifespan: Careful handling and intermittent use of flags make them offer long years of use, let us say up to 3 or more years. With rough and tough outdoor use on a daily basis, the lifespan will be deduced to a year. As we know, the “teardrop” or “paddle” shape flags tend to pick up more wind, it is advised to place them inside during misfortune weather. It will keep the poles from getting snapped. Comparatively, we have other sturdier options of flags for outdoor use. Our suggested picks are custom feather flags, flag banners, or rectangle flags. The reason behind the preference is their quality of resisting the wind due to their distinctive shapes.

Fading of Flags - If you want to make the most out of your investment, it is advised not to leave your custom feather flag outdoor under any circumstances, especially for the excessive time because it will only increase the chances of speeding up the fading of the fabric. If you intend to use your flag occasionally, it can be used for as long as 4+ years. Outdoor use of flags for more than 8hrs/day will ruin the quality faster, and you would have to get yourself a new flag within 9-12 months. For instance, if you live in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, or Arizona, due to their harsh summers and dry climate, your custom teardrop feather flags will fade quicker.

Color Guarantee - As the shades of color that you see on a screen can differ from the actual shade due to the shift from RGB colors to CMYK color mode, we cannot give the guarantee of any color matching. If you have any confusion, you can ask for a color sample. For a sample, you need to pay only $9.50. The ideal color pick is Pantone colors, for all sorts of custom feather flags. The reason for choosing Pantone shades is that other colors mainly blues, reds, and purples can appear completely changed when printed on a piece of fabric. Branded Canopy Tents offers no refunds or reprints in case of any color variation.

Do you want to experience a little fun while designing? Then, give us the opportunity to make you learn how to design a custom feather flag by using Adobe Illustrator. With the use of vector files, the custom flags become easier to design. For saving the designed custom flag vector files, the preferable formats include .ai, .eps, and .pdf. It guarantees the best print quality. For the starters a video is given below that will guide you regarding basic steps about adding captions and changing color schemes to your custom signs. Do you want to make the design along with a running video? You can do it but first, download a Teardrop flag template, and don’t forget to install Adobe Illustrator. The trial version can be used without paying any charges. Simple designs always seem better, so it is preferable to keep the custom advertising flags simple up to some extent while placing the logo either at the top or the bottom. Due to the limited time, every passerby will only consider giving a few seconds to assess your flag. So, keep it precise, appealing as well as comprehensible.

If you order your custom teardrop flag kit, you will get FREE delivery. Besides, we have a range of our custom signs available at a 30% discount. Our flags are styled to make you stand out among the competition by making your booth more engaging, no matter if it is an indoor or outdoor event. For customization, the Branded Canopy Tents has the options of double-sided and single-sided printed feather flags. The Double-sided feather flags are preferable as they make the customer targeting easier by presenting appealing graphics from both sides. Click on the image below to get an idea of how the custom feather flags look.

These are not only considered the affordable option but also a smart investment. Branded Canopy Tents provides you an extensive collection of stock feather flag banners that go well with several kinds of events and businesses. You will get them at economical prices without compromised quality. You can visit our official site to browse the flag you like. Do check our range of sale flags and open flags. You can buy stock flag banner designs for just $14.99 per replacement flag. At reduced prices, you can get our complete flag kits for only $49. Quality is guaranteed! Apart from the finest quality, our cheap feather flags will last longer.

Teardrop & Feather Flags Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: How big is the Teardrop Banner Flag ground stake?

Ans: The standard length of our ground stake is no more than 30’’. For a soft dirt surface, you need to hammer approximately 20” of the spike. To keep the flag from falling over, you need to make sure that you have put the spike beyond the loose or soft ground soil layer.

Q: Can the front and back be different for double-sided teardrop & feather flag banners?

Ans: As both flags are printed individually, you can ask for separate designs on both sides. It will appear uniquely, both sides having their shades and graphics.

Q: How many colors can I use on my custom feather flag & teardrop banner flag design?

Ans: The best part is that we imply no restriction on the number of colors that could be printed. As we print our custom feather flags digitally, you can pick as many colors as you want for your flag. No matter if you have selected one shade or multiple, the rate is the same without the need of paying extra charges. Branded Canopy Tents is offering free of cost Design services, as well.

Q: Are your teardrop & feather flag poles interchangeable between banner sizes?

Ans: No, our flag poles are not interchangeable. The reason is that we make flags with poles precisely designed for each height.

Q: What is a travel package? What other feather banners or signs do you offer?

Ans: Absolutely Yes! Exposing your flag to the sunlight for an extended period, let us say more than 8hrs. every day will destroy the quality while fading the fabric color. Well, our promotional feather flags are used now and then for marketing purposes and special festivals that is why it does not fade quickly.

For more information on how a beautiful custom flag can help your business grow, contact the team at Branded Canopy Tents by calling 888-414-7340, emailing at, or chatting with our team online.