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Trade Show Booths & Portable Exhibit Displays

When you visit a trade show, your company needs to make an immediate impact on the audience. 10x10 trade show booths don't offer a lot of space to work with, so you have to get creative. That's why you should invest in trade show displays that highlight your product and your brand so that visitors can easily spot you in the crowd. Backed by our lifetime warranty, we're sure you'll enjoy the trade show display products we have on offer.

10' Display Trade Show Booths

Portable trade show displays, pop up displays, portable exhibits, retractable banner stands, and 10x10 trade show booths are particularly good at driving traffic to your location. You want graphics that are striking and vibrant, yet contrasting enough to make your setup unique. These trade show booth ideas are perfect for starting the right kind of buzz surrounding your products.

Why Does Your Business Need a Trade Show Booth?

Trade show booths are a powerful way for brands to start marketing to their audience personally. When you set up a trade show exhibit, you send a strong message to the rest of the industry that you're a noticeable brand and a reliable partner. The cost of traveling to trade shows, including that of training staff to run trade show booths, can be prohibitive at first.

Because of the substantial prices attached to travel and transport, a few brands tend to cut corners, specifically with their custom trade show booth. If you want your audience to recognize your presence and generate interest in your product, this is a bad idea. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before putting in an order for a customer trade show booth.

Decide Your Goals

If you don't have a solidly defined goal before you start planning, then your marketing won't be focused and directed. You need to ask yourself what the business stands to gain from this outing. Trade show booths are ideal places to generate leads and close sales. Additionally, attractive tradeshow banners can even attract visitors on the floor to ask questions and possibly sign up for your email list. Each one of these marketing goals has a different approach attached to them, and figuring which one to focus on helps your company be more effective.

How to Promote Your Booth

Interest in a product or brand comes from what consumers want to see from it. If you already have social media accounts for your brands, those are the best places to start building hype for your visit. Posting up trade show booth designs or even trade show banners can generate significant amounts of interest. If you target the right demographic and you build enough hype, you could turn a convention or expo into a flood of new customers.

What Makes Your Company Stand Out?

Overall, in modern business, the trend has always been to offer value to the consumer. What's your business's unique value proposition? How does that translate to your brand image? Can you incorporate that into your trade show booth designs? We all know how vital first impressions are. Your trade show banner or display is the first impression that your client has with you. You should go the extra mile to make sure it's one that piques their interest, so they want to find out more.

For more information on how a beautiful custom trade show booth can help your business grow, contact the team at Branded Canopy Tents.